Friday, October 11, 2013

Social Networking: A plague

     Have you ever saw someone posted a photo on facebook with a caption in it that says "Never mind the face" or even a quotation that is not relevant at all with what the photo depicts? Not only that, have you ever encountered a person who posts his entire life in every status of his?

     I am pretty sure you have. It's too mainstream nowadays. I don't know why it happens to be that widespread even if  I find it very non-sense. Sorry for the word but yeah I do find it meaningless. Meaningless in the sense that, why indicate in the caption "never mind the face" if  he would basically post it in his wall and everybody else will see it? That's so ridiculous! If you really mean that line, I suggest you delete your photo and upload one that we cannot locate your face or better yet make the whole photo black, completely black!
     Another thing is that why include a saying or a quotation with highfaluting and flowery words when in the first place, it has no connection to the photo at all! Very silly don't you think? Why not attach a more interesting and "relevant" phrases or sentences rather than those quotations and saying I bet you only got from the internet.
     "Eating breakfast... Yummy!", "Ang lamig! Sino pwedeng kayakap?" uuggghhh! Those lines! Those irritating lines! I guess I have read millions of lines like that everyday. Posts that has nothing to do with us. It really gets into my nerves everytime I see posts like that. Who the hell cares if you're eating breakfast? Would I also be full if I know that you are eating your breakfast? Come on! 
     Social Networking sites like facebook, twitter, and alike sites are supposed to be a medium for us to connect with other people. That's why it's called "Social" right? But it seems as time passes by and new generations arouses, the true and main purpose of these sites are not being kept. People are now posting anything they want and saying anything their mind has in store. Slowly, I presume that the term "Social Networking" will eventually turn into "Personal Networking". I guess some people aren't just aware of what other might think or feel on whatever he decides to post.
     It really buzzes up my mind everytime I think of the reason why people ended up like that. But the point here is that, even if it is just a small thing, it can have a huge amount of effect not only to those who are reading but also the ones who are involved in it. I guess you find me over reacting with this topic but you cannot blame me to be so concerned with this because it is very alarming that maybe one day, due to this incessant non-sense activities of people, our society would be so far from what we imagine it would be. Imagine people not being so private anymore. It really scares me a lot!
     So when will this stop? I bet no one can answer it. But I do hope it ends soon before this plague turns us all into nuts!

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