Thursday, October 10, 2013

Engaging into new things

"That is so BORING!"

     I can still remember when I said that line. I never imagined myself back then that I will do stuff like this, creating a blog. My mentality before is that things like this is useless and a big waste of time! Come and think of it, why devote your time in posting articles that is not merely seen by all? Who cares anyway blah, blah, blah... Isn't that such a dumb idea? 

     But hey! Who would have thought that this person, this particular person who wrote this post was such a stupid person to ever say that doing stuff like this is so lame. 

     Well maybe, I am not so dumb and stupid anymore right? I don't know why but something pushed me and made me eager to go into this website and create an account. It is not because it's too mainstream or what but because it's interesting I guess. You can say anything you want. Post anything you desire and share thoughts and ideas anytime and anywhere you like. Isn't that cool!

     Actually, it was really never my field of interest not only to do blogging but also alike stuffs. I am very lethargic when it comes to these things but I asked myself, why not engage into new things? Why not devote my time in things that could possibly hone my skills in writing? I guess it's not a bad thing after all. In fact there was never a wrong thing in trying right?

I captured the very first time I made a blog! This one's for keeps...
 And yeah! Here I am, doing something in the middle of the night which I have never even thought I would be engaged in. Funny isn't it? But I think this won't be the last... Hopefully. Hahaha!

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